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Total Ankle Replacement. TAR

Just like the Hip, Knee and Shoulder replacements, the Ankle joint replacement procedure has been in practice for many years. It consists of 3 components with metal on plastic bearing. It does not require cementing in the bone instead it relies on bone ingrowth for fixation.
A newer prosthesis has been in use at our clinic ie Zenith total ankle replacement (Corin). It also has an option of titanium prosthesis for patients with history of metal allergy. This prosthesis has been in use at our clinic for more than 4 years.

Total Ankle Replacement:

Total Ankle Replacement Total Ankle Replacement  


Ideal Patient for Total Ankle Replacement:

The ideal patient for whom ankle replacement is indicated would be somebody who because of age or other limitations is not going to participate in vigorous activity

  • Well aligned ankle
  • Foot of normal shape
  • Pre operative range of movement of at least 20 degrees at ankle joint

Absolute Contra Indications:

  • Severe deformity of ankle
  • Neuropathic joints
  • Talar necrosis involving more than 25% of the talar dome

Relative Contra Indications:

  • Pre operative malalignment of more than 20 degree
  • Severe restriction of movement
  • Poor condition of skin and soft tissues
  • Ankle collateral ligament laxity

Known Complications:

  • Delayed wound healing
  • Infection
  • Fracture of either of the malleolus
  • Asceptic loosening
  • Edge loading
  • Revision surgery
  • Blood clots (leg and chest)

Track record:

  • Cumulative survival of 92.7% at 5 yrs in a series of 200
  • STAR ankles. Wood et al, JBJS Br. April 2003. 334-341

Various other types of Total Ankle Replacement Designs:

Total Ankle ReplacementTotal Ankle Replacement

AES (not in use) BP

Total Ankle ReplacementTotal Ankle Replacement

Salto Hintegra

Total Ankle Replacement





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